The Library Service has a Public Sector copyright licence through the Copyright Licensing Agency (CLA)

If we supply copyrighted material to you, from an electronic or paper resource, you as the end-user will also need to comply with the copyright licence. Depending on the original source of the material, you may or may not be restricted as to what you are then able to do with and how you can store or distribute this material.

Please see the CLA page for further information:

Or alternatively contact the Library Service (click link to contact by email).

Licence in brief

Who is covered?

The CLA licence covers all staff working for the NHS as well as public health and local authority.  Students on placements are also covered as are staff from non-NHS organisations (with their own CLA) working with NHS staff on collaborative projects.  This might be universities, charities or professional organisations.

 What is covered?

The licence covers almost everything purchased by or subscribed to by any organisation within NHS in England.  A small number of books/journals are not included and some works from outside the UK.